Whole PersonWhole Life Challenge Week 1-1

Reconnect With Yourself 


Would you be interested in inviting your body into a conversation to discover what it is like to create a whole person, whole life with Life?


When was the last time you checked in with yourself? The past couple of years have been characterized by disruption and disconnection on every level. Many of us have lost our sense of self in the chaos. We do whatever we have to do just to keep moving forward but often at the cost of our physical, emotional, or spiritual wellbeing.

This fall, the rush of back-to-school, the holidays, and the usual year-end concerns of life and work loom ahead. We believe it is time to take stock of your wellbeing, heal where needed, and reconnect with yourself so you can face the future as a confident, integrated, and whole human being.

To support our clients and friends in that effort, we're offering a free, 6-week Vitality challenge, starting October 3. We'll have additional live events every 2 weeks throughout the challenge, along with 3 emails each week detailing wellbeing practices and other content to support you in the journey. This has been designed by our World Champion  Coach, Lori Jorgenson, to focus on your body, mind, heart, and spirit - both as individual facets of yourself requiring unique approaches, and as an integrated ecosystem that works harmoniously so you can thrive as a whole person.

Featuring a mix of expert coaching, connection with other participants, and self-guided exercises and practices, this challenge will support you in: 

  • Increasing your energy level 
  • Elevating your awareness and ability to be present in the moment
  • Learning new self-care habits that help you renew yourself mentally and physically
  • Improve your adaptability and ability to move through life’s challenges 

Discover the small, consistent steps you can take to support true, whole person wellbeing. If you're interested in joining this challenge, fill out the form below, and Lori will reach out to help you start this vitality journey. We would love the opportunity to support you in creating an integrated approach to your wellbeing that will help you reconnect with every aspect of yourself, and face the future happy and whole.